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Featuring: Ramses

Two thieves who have stolen a valuable ancient Egyptian slab are pursued through Nowhere by the police. They bury the slab in Courage's favorite place, next to the water pump on the Bagge farm, but before they can escape they see a mysterious figure who warns "Return the slab, or suffer my curse!" They are then promptly attacked by a swarm of locusts which devour them and the entire car.
The next day, Courage finds the slab and shows it to Eustace and Muriel. Eustace thinks it's "Garbage! From King Garbage! Of the Garbage dynasty!"...until the news report on tv mentions a missing slab worth a million dollars. Eustace immediately places and ad in the Nowhere News, and a professor who shows up from the museum is refused the slab by the cranky old farmer.
The mysterious figure of King Ramses appears to Eustace with the warning. "What's your offer?" is the only response Eustace has, and the three plagues that Ramses promised begin:
First the farmhouse is flooded and filled with a rainstorm that almost drowns everyone, until Courage finds a giant cork in the cellar that drains the water away!
The second curse is even more terrifying: Loud music starts playing everywhere...the same music piece playing over and over again. "COURAGE, MAKE IT STOP!!" shouts Muriel. Courage races around outside and finds the source, and old record player with a stuck needle...which is why the music plays over and over. He smashes it with a baseball bat, and stops the second curse.
The third and final curse has the swarm of locusts descending on the farm and devouring everything in sight. Before the farmhouse is gobbled up, Eustace gives up the slab to Courage, who tosses it out the window, stopping the curse. Regretting his decision, Eustace runs outside and grabs the slab, saying to Ramses "That's three're out of ammo, mister!"...but then the locusts swarm down upon Eustace!
Glad that's all over, Muriel and Courage are relaxing, and Muriel wonders what's happened to Eustace. The slab has been returned to the tomb of Ramses, but with a new carving on it...Eustace!

Two thieves who steal the slab receive a warningMuriel examines the slab Courage has found
Ramses appears to Eustace"Return the slab...or suffer my curse!"
The first curse: a flood that fills the farmhouseCourage stops the second curse: a record player with a stuck needle!
The third curse: locusts devour the farmhouseThe fate of Eustace when the slab is returned to the tomb