Benton Tarentella and Erroll Van Volkheim...zombie filmmakers!

Featuring: Benton Tarentella

One day, a stranger shows up on the doorstep of the farmhouse, introducing himself as "Benton Tarentella, the famous independent film director", explaining he wants to shoot a zombie film right there at the house, and promising Eustace he'll pay "tons of money". Benton is excitedly welcomed by Muriel, pooh-poohed by Eustace, and scrutinized by Courage...who notices a few peculiar things about Benton...like the decayed skin, sunken eyes, skeleton-like body, and other little things like body parts dropping off on their own (which Benton picks up and reattaches!).
Through some fast research on his computer, Courage discovers that Benton and his partner, Erroll Van Volkheim, were a pair of serial killers who posed as independent filmmakers, luring their victims to their doom! Caught and jailed, Van Volkheim was released on "good behavior", while Tarentella died in prison. Benton has returned from beyond death to revive his partner...whose grave is in the cellar of the farmhouse!
Promising Muriel a part in the film as the victim of the zombie sacrifice, she's tied to a table, with Eustace acting as the cameraman, while Courage gets locked in a trunk. Van Volkheim rises from the floor of the cellar, ready to join Benton in devouring Muriel! But Courage once again manages to save the day: Benton is such a stickler for following the script, Courage merely rewrites the ending, and the two zombie filmmakers return to the grave they came from...arguing back and forth!

What Courage's computer shows him

The horrifying headlines
Amateur Filmmakers Slay 12

Tarentella and Volkheim Jailed

Van Volkheim Released for Good Behavior