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Courage Vs. Kolchak!

Ok, what's the deal here? Well, many times while watching Courage The Cowardly Dog, I'm struck by a peculiar if sometimes vague resemblance between the heroic if cowardly dog from Nowhere and the heroic if cowardly news reporter from that classic 70's series Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Each show features a weekly creepy character or spook, and both shows have a cowardly, or at least timid, leading character who unravels the mystery and stops the terror...even though he's terrified to do so!

The columns below compare all the episodes of Kolchak with the episodes of Courage that I thought had a similar theme or villain...even if the comparison is a bit of a stretch (no pun intended, Mr. Dilworth!) at times. The list of Kolchak episodes is complete, but I haven't recalled enough of the Courage episodes that were similar enough to warrant a comparison.

If you think of one of Courage's adventures that fits one or more of Kolchak's encounters with the paranormal, let me know so it can be added here. Below the comparison list I will get as many pictures from each show for a visual comparison as well.

JUST updated with a few more comparisons....working on getting the pictures to add!

Courage The Cowardly Dog Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Egyptian Mummy (Courage Meets The Mummy Aztec Mummy (Legacy of Terror)
Robot (Robot Randy) Robot (Mr. R.I.N.G.)
Female Demon (Queen of the Black Puddle) Female Demon (Demon In Lace)
Weremole (Night of the Weremole) Werewolf (The Werewolf)
Headless Chicken (Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space) Headless Human (Chopper)
Two Zombies (Everyone Wants To Direct) One Zombie (The Zombie)
Extraterrestrial (The Chicken from Outer Space) Extraterrestrials (U.F.O.)
Goose God (The Gods Must Be Goosey) Greek Goddess (The Youth Killer)
  Vampire (The Vampire)
 Robotic Alter-Ego (Courage vs, Mecha-Courage) Alter-Ego (Fire-Fall)
 Devil/Demon (Demon in the Mattress) Devil/Devil Dog (The Devil's Platform)
  Shapeshifter (Bad Medicine)
  Swamp Monster (The Spanish Moss Murders)
  Invisible Energy Creature (The Energy Eater)
  Shapeshifter (Horror in the Heights)
 Prehistoric Kangaroo Creature (The Transplant) Prehistoric Creature (The Primal Scream)
  Witch (The Trevi Collection)
  Ancient Knight (The Knightly Murders)
 Reptile (Sea Serpent) (Serpent of Evil River) Reptile (Lizard) Creature (The Sentry)
  Jack The Ripper (The Ripper)

Courage's Mummy                                                 Kolchak's Mummy

Courage's Female Demon                                                 Kolchak's Female Demon

Courage's "Greek" God                                                 Kolchak's Greek Goddess

Courage's Headless Creature                                                 Kolchak's Headless Creature

Courage's Robot                                                 Kolchak's Robot

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