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Randy with one of his wooden reindeer carvings

Featuring: Robot Randy

On a planet populated by giant robots, there is one misfit: Randy, who has no desire to "blast things or conquer worlds". Banished to earth until he can prove himself, Randy lands on the Bagge farm and promptly enslaves Courage, Eustace and Muriel, forcing them into backbreaking labors, like breaking up rocks and creating giant statues of Randy. Randy, on the other hand, keeps hiding out in the barn, where he indulges in something he really enjoys...whittling reindeer out of wood. When Courage discovers this, he and Muriel confront Randy with what they tell him is a wonderful, beautiful talent he has. Randy returns to his home planet, leaving hundreds of carved reindeer for Courage and Muriel to sell. Back home, Randy has suddenly become very popular with his carved reindeer...until another robot asks "Is this the only thing you can carve?"
Randu promptly blasts the robot with his own disintegrator ray!

Courage holding the reindeer, and Muriel complimenting Randy's work