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Courage first sees the Queen of the Black Puddle

Featuring: The Queen of the Black Puddle

After a rainstorm, Courage notices a giant puddle of water outside the farmhouse. Looking into it, he sees a creepy yet beautiful woman glaring back at him! Courage tries to warn Eustace and Muriel, who (as usual) have no idea what Courage is talking about. The woman from the puddle starts appearing to Eustace from a drop of water, in his cup of tea, in the bath with him...apparently only able to appear through water. She eventually takes him while he's asleep one night and walks into the puddle outside with him, disappearing beneath the surface.
The next morning, Muriel is crying that Eustace has left her, so Courage does the only thing he can: tries to go and rescue Eustace before it's too late...for the puddle is beginning to dry up. Putting on scuba gear, Courage dives into the puddle and, in a beautifully drawn, fast-paced and excitingly-edited sequence, enters the Queen's watery world and heads towards her castle. He's unaware of the piles of skeletons outside the castle and peeking into the Queen's bedchamber, observes her performing a seductive dance that has Eustace in a trance. Courage suddenly notices the skeletons outside, and then sees the Queen transform into a ferocious creature with rows of sharp teeth!
She sees Courage, but before she can devour Eustace, the cowardly dog hooks Eustace with a fishing pole and, quickly as he can swim, tries to escape with the Queen in hot pursuit. Unable to escape the watery world of doom because the puddle has dried up, he spots another opening into the real world...a puddle of tears on the carpet where Muriel has been crying. Courage pops back through into the living room, and pulls out a hairdryer, drying out the spot on the rug before the Queen can come through it. Courage has saved the day once again!
Relaxing in a nice hot tub of water, Courage is "glad that's over"...until he sees a seductive dog version of the Queen of the Black Puddle rise up out of the bathwater and wink at him!

Courage swims to the underwater world of the Queen to save EustaceCourage is unaware of the skeletons outside the castle
The Queen, in full evil mode, pursues Courage and EustaceCourage sees a surprise while taking a bath