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Little Muriel...the little brat!

Featuring: Little Muriel

A twister hits the Bagge farm, pulling Muriel in her rocking chair up into the vortex. When everything settles down to normal (is anything ever "normal" in Nowhere?), Courage discovers that some sort of time warp in the twister has turned Muriel into a little girl...a very bratty and obnoxious little girl! Eustace remains unconscious throughout most of this. Courage, however, not only has to deal with taking care of little Muriel, but figure out how to get her back to her normal grown-up self. Courage's computer tells him she needs to go into a twister that turns in the opposite direction, and these twisters can only be found in the Southern Hemisphere.
Somehow procuring an airplane, Courage flies Muriel down to South America, finds an opposite-spinning tornado, and drops her in. It works...for Muriel drops out again as her normal, grown-up, loving self.

"I don't like macaroni and cheese!"