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The Katz Motel (looks a bit like the Bates Motel in "Psycho", doesn't it?)

Featuring: Katz

After a long drive, Muriel and Eustace (accompanied by Courage) decide to spend the night at an isolated, foreboding motel. The proprietor, Katz, says no dogs are allowed, so Eustce ties Courage up outside. After the Bagge couple have retired to their room, Katz enters a secret room filled with a giant spider web...and several huge spiders, to which he says "My loves...dinner has arrived!"
Courage ends up having to fight off a spider that approaches him outside, and breaks into the motel room to save Muriel, who is already fighting off one of the spiders in the bathtub. Courage can't awaken the snoring Eustace, so it's up to him to save the day and defeat not only the spiders, but also the sinister Katz. That cowardly dog always triumphs over wickedness...oh, the "things he does for love!" (as Courage would say).

Courage sees the spider approaching him......and he reacts as usual!
but Courage manages to free himself so he can save Muriel

The motel's proprietor: KatzThe dreaded "guest book" at the Katz Motel