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Courage sees the old man lose his temper

Featuring: Hothead

Unhappy with being bald, Eustace responds to an ad in the Nowhere Newspaper from a clinic, to which Courage accompanies him. As usual, Courage becomes suspicious in the rather sinister-looking place, and while Eustace is in with the doctor, goes off into the men's room. There, he spots an old man...another "patient"...and hides out in one of the stalls, observing the old man applying the hair restoring solution to his head. When the paper towels don't tear off properly, the old man loses his temper, and Courage is lucky he's hidden inside the toilet, becuase the old man's eyes begin to bulge, he starts sweating profusely, the veins on his head start swelling up...and a huge hole explodes in the wall!
Before returning to Eustace, Courage reads the warning label on the bottle the old man has left behind: "WARNING: When using...Do not get angry, do not get mad, do not get upset...OR ELSE." Well, that's going to be tough for Eustace! On the drive back home, the truck is cut off by a punk kid speeding by, and Eustace begins to lose his cool just like the old man had. As the punk's car goes over the explodes! Eustace can't control himself (you know what an old crank he is!), and when he starts getting angry when he's unable to thread a needle for Muriel, Courage picks her up in her rocking chair and rushes outside with her...right before Eustace's temper causes the entire farmhouse to explode!

The old man sees what has happened when he "blows his top"Courage reads the warning on the bottle
Eustace loses his temper while drivingCourage gets Muriel out of there before the house explodes!