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Jean Bonne

Featuring: Jean Bonne The Pig, and Mrs. Bonne

This one is a delightful nod to the story of Sweeney Todd...and is also a bit misleading the first time one sees it (continue reading to see what I mean).
Muriel is quite sick with a temperature and the flu, and asks Eustace...who insists that since she won't get his dinner, he's "going out and get me a hamburger!", to stop by the bakery and get her a scone, but on the way out (accompanied by Courage), Eustace passes by the bakery and stops at a diner, telling Courage "Gonna get me a hamburger first...heh heh heh!"
Courage almost immediately becomes suspicious: the owner, Jean Bonne, is a creepy looking pig with yellow teeth. The other customer, who asks Jean Bonne "where is the ...uh..." (referring to the men's room), fails to return from behind the door that Jean points out to him. The pig picks up the man's attache case and hat, saying "I'll just hold on to these...until he gets back!". Eustace and Courage are then served their hamburgers...and Courage's has the face of the missing man on it! Jean explains "It's my wife's specialty: a head of beef!" Have Courage and Eustace entered a cannibal diner?
When the sinister pig disappears, Courage goes through the door in search of the missing man. Down in the cellar, he sees the shadows of Jean Bonne and Mrs. Bonne...hovering over the shadow of the man's head! Returning upstairs, Courage tries to warn Eustace, who ignores him as usual. Jean Bonne returns and tells Courage "My wife LOVES little dogs, in fact, my wife would like to meet you...right NOW!" Chasing the terrifies dog downstairs, Courage observes the shadow of Mrs. Bonne devouring the head in one bite!
The Bonnes begin chasing Courage around, but the quick little scaredy dog escapes them and hurries back down the road home, with Mrs. Bonne shouting "Come back here you tasty morsel!" Here's the twist:
Back at the diner, Eustace (to whom Jean Bonne said "My wife would love to meet you!"), is in the cellar along with the missing man and the Bonne couple...who are presenting Eustace with a sculpture of his own head made from hamburger meat! Mrs. Bonne's specialty is sculpting heads using ground beef instead of clay! Yummy, yummy!

Mrs. Bonne, who "just loves little dogs!"Mrs. Bonne enjoying a "head of beef"