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Fusilli and his magic theater in a wagon

Featuring: Fusilli The Alligator

A sinister-looking character who calls himself The Great Fusilli shows up at the farm with his wagon, which is an entire theater on wheels. Luring everyone onto the stage with the promise of the thrill of acting, Courage discovers the sinister secret: the storeroom is filled with dozens of marionettes which all look like people, and three empty hooks reserved for Eustace, Muriel, and himself!
Courage is too late to save the Bagge couple from the evil magic of Fusilli, who turns them into marionettes, but finally turns the tables on the alligator who ends up becoming a marionette himself, leaving Courage to "pull the strings", so to speak, on Eustace and Muriel...Life goes on as usual!

What happens to Muriel and Eustace