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Courage is forced to help commit crimes...or "the fat lady gets it!"

Featuring: The Gangster Foot

The terrible foot itching that Eustace is experiencing gets SO bad...the fungus takes over his entire body and turns into a huge "gangster foot"...complete with boss big toe! Threatening Muriel by forcing Courage to help the foot pull a heist..."or the fat lady gets it!", Courage's computer eventually tells him the only solution is dog spit ("Work up a good drool, baby!"). Taking care of the problem by licking the foot until it shrinks down to nothing and releases Eustace, the unfortunate Courage ends up with a tongue fungus...a "gangster tongue"!

Courage and Muriel look at Eustace's foot fungus...
...which completely takes over Eustace after his nap!The unpleasant solution for spit!