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The Duck Brothers title

Featuring: Duck Brothers

Late one night, Muriel is kidnapped by a mysterious u.f.o. that carries her away. Under the control of the two Duck Brothers, aliens from another world, Courage tries to save her and finds out the two Duck Brothers are only using Muriel to try and rescue their third brother from the kitchen of a military base. Courage offers to help, and all three Duck Brothers are reunited, leaving Courage with the mind control device...which he uses to control Eustace, who ends up serving Courage and Muriel breakfast in bed!

Two of the Duck Brothers in their spaceshipMuriel, wearing the control helmet, tries to save the third Duck Brother
Eustace is controlled too, and forced into a fight with MurielCourage ends up helping the Ducks Brothers
Reunited, all three Duck Brothers are so happy...they lay eggs!Courage and Muriel are served breakfast in bed by Eustace...who is being controlled by Courage!