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Muriel's new look after becoming possessed


In a wonderful spoof of The Exorcist, the new mattress that Muriel orders comes complete with a demon that proceeds to possess her! It's up to Courage and Eustace to try and exorcise the demon from Muriel before it's too late. Eustace fails at the attempted exorcism, but Courage is successful...unfortunately, the demon leaves Muriel and takes control of Eustace in the end!

Pea soup, anyone?

The mattress is delivered...along with the demon!Muriel is possessed by the demon
...and she floats above the bed!Eustace attempts an exorcism
Eustace is hurled on by Muriel!EEEWWWWW!!!
Courage gives the incantation a tryThe demon leaves Muriel and enters Eustace!