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Basil the burglar appears at the farm

Featuring: Basil The Burglar

A burglar named Basil appears at the Bagge farm, forces Courage to tie up Eustace and Muriel, then exhibits a split personality! Basil thinks everyone are members of his own family, sits down to dinner with everyone, causes problems for Muriel (insisting she "knows what to make" and "don't forget the secret ingredient", etc.), then tells them all they're going to pull a heist!
Well, Basil's idea is to steal Mount Rushmore! Eventually, when the police...who have been hunting Basil down for a long up, Basil escapes into the nose of one of the heads on Mount Rushmore, with the police trying to "dig him out" with a giant finger they stick up the stone nose! A happy ending follows, as Courage saves Basil from the police...after enduring mounds of ear wax in the ear of the giant stone head he crawls into! Don't worry...Courage cleans the ear out with a giant cotton swab!

The police try picking Basil out of the giant nose...with a giant finger!"Mama Mashed Potatoes" tells Basil he should turn over a new leaf