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1000 Years of Courage

Courage leads the Banana People in the revolt

Featuring: The Banana People

One calm, relaxing, uneventful day, the earth is suddenly hit by a huge meteor, sending it...and Courage, Eustace and Muriel...spinning so fast a time warp is created. When the spinning stops...and Courage has thrown up a few times in the bathroom!...the group discovers they're now in the future, where the world is run by Banana People!
Being the only humans around is a bit dangerous, but fortunately a rather shady character provides them with banana costumes so they can all just "blend in" (a rather amusing sight with Courage, Eustace, and Muriel's faces sticking out of the banana costumes!). The Great Leader of the Banana People promises to lead them to a temple where all questions will be answered...well, Courage discovers the Temple is really the home of a giant gorilla who is using the Banana People to make banana splits, and the Great leader is actually a monkey in disguise! Courage eventually wins over the Banana People and leads them in a revolt against the gorilla who, along with the monkey, becomes a stage show in the Banana Theater.
Wondering how they'll get back to their own time, Muriel's question is answered when the same meteor strikes the earth once more, returning them back, but will it happen again? The meteor is being struck against the earth by a giant space creature smacking the meteor back and forth with a giant tennis racquet!! banana disguise...tries turning the Banana People against Courage