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Cameo appearances on the show
This page was last updated on September 17, 2002 01:14 AM

Courage creator John R. Dilworth periodically appears on the show in a cameo style that, to me, brings to mind the cameo appearances of Alfred Hitchcock in his films (kids, ask your parents who Hitchcock was!). Here are some images of how John has appeared on Courage The Cowardly Dog (more to come as I rewatch the various episodes and find John again!).
Click on any of the small pictures to view the larger version

The credit John receives at the beginning of every show

This is how John R. Dilworth is frequently seen: on Eustace's tv, performing a silly (or is that Dily?) dance with two bananas sticking out of his ears!)

from "Nowhere TV": still photos of John as
a wealthy man, a chef, and a ...sea captain?


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