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This page was last updated on September 17, 2002 01:15 AM
This site has been visited by none other than Courage creator John R. Dilworth himself!! John has been extremely pleased and very nice with his praise towards this site and my work on it. A few of his co-workers and employees have also checked this site out and they've all been very courteous in their compliments towards it.
Below is an autographed postcard that John was very nice to send to me as a thank-you for the creation of this site...
...and thank YOU, John, for sending it to me!

Also, beginning underneath the card, you can read some of the very kind email comments that I've received from Stretch Films.

(This card design was sent out by John Dilworth and Stretch Films as a Christmas card)

The first email I received from Stretch Films:

Subj: Re: ATTN John Dillworth, RE: Courage Website
Date: 1/12/01 3:39:23 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hello Greg,
My name is Jaesun, and I'm a web designer of Stretch Films. The Email on Stretch Website is forwarded to me, but I did give John your previous letter and this one too. I'm sure he will get back to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile I checked your website out, and it's looking good. We are excited to see the first Courage website built by a fan! :-)
Jaesun Lee

Subj: Re: ATTN John Dillworth, RE: Courage Website
Date: 1/12/01
Thanks a lot, Jaesun! I'm looking forward to hearing from John, but I admit I was very excited to hear your positive and enthusiastic compliment on my site!
Made my day!
(isn't it surprising that all the other Cartoon Cartoon characters have dozens or hundreds of websites...but Courage really has nothing?)

Date: 1/18/01 4:15:38 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Greg,
I just went to your website with John. He loves what you are doing!! and he wants to send you our t-shirt and wants to know what your size is so we can send you the right one.
Oh and the courage post card is a great idea!
keep up the good work. :-)

Date: 1/30/01 11:02:54 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hello Greg,
John will get back to you or me to let you know about the usage of scans, but my guess is I don't think it will be any problem. Oh! by the way, It's John R. Dilworth not Dillworth. I will be putting a link to your website from ours. Keep up the good work and stay in touch! :-)
Jaesun Lee

Date: 2/2/01 3:46:50 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Greg,
I should also introduce myself, I am Jessica and I am John's assistant. I checked with John and you have permission to use scans of the postcards, tee-shirt, etc. on your website. And speaking of your website, John thinks it is fantastic and encourages you in your further additions to it and construction of it. Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Jessi Madri
assistant to John R. Dilworth

Date: 2/9/01 12:35:01 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Greg,
As for providing you with things (images, sound waves, etc.) it gets a little sticky because of licensing and ownership. We (Stretch Films) do not own Courage - Cartoon Network does and we are not allowed to sell, distribute, etc. without permission. What you are asking for is sticky and would not clear. Sorry to disapoint you, but that's what happens with big networks! I asked our producer for bios on Marty, Thea and Lionel, so you'll get that soon. Also, I am getting a list of what actors do which characters. Thanks for your devotion and dedication! I'll be talking to you soon.

(This email was in reference to a rumor I heard regarding a possible Courage movie..ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE!)

Subj: Re: Greg Has A Question Regarding Courage
Date: 2/14/01 12:47:55 PM Eastern Standard Time

Nope, haven't heard that one. John chuckled a little bit when I told him about the rumor. Weird. Still working on those bios, but they'll get to you soon.

(This one is a bit long, but it was just too weird! It contains both my email I sent to Stretch Films, as well as what I had received, and the reply back from Stretch...just too funny!)

Subj: Re: adding to the cartoons story line for courage the cowardly dog
Date: 2/23/01 1:36:16 PM Eastern Standard Time
on 1/30/01 2:22 PM, wrote:

Jaesun, take a look at this email I just received, please. Did you receive a similar one perhaps? This is totally a crank, I think!
Greg Krieger

From: (name and email have been removed)
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 14:14:00 -0800
To: <>
Subject: adding to the cartoons story line for courage the cowardly dog

I am the cartoons original inventor, (name and location have been removed), and I wish to run a few things by you for a cool addition to courages cartoon set up which can always be changed by including an ending to this story. I love what you guys did with my idea except there is too much Other God stuff which I am sure offends the one true God and Father of our Lord Jesus the Christ. So in the future if you use Greek god stuff just make sure the out come or ending shows it is just mythical in its origin of truth! Also anyother powers should be conquered by Courage's great heart filled with love and understanding for Muerial or issues. Courage being brave and righteous out of his love for Muerial, he conquers his fears and gets lucky(blessed) in most out comes signifies the "someone is watching out for you " idea that everybody on the face of the earth thinks about from time to time and needs to connect with. If the children or adults get just entertainment and not something to take with them through the day it won't be a lasting cartoon hit. Show the fears or situations that kids and grownups notice but don't take time to deal with when the need to . Show the stuff that kids notice are scarey, cool, exciting, honest, secure, hopeful, and yet they dismiss from their minds. All of this not only entertains but helps direct thoughts for a more strong, honest, investigating mind for life and it's truth which is what most children spend their time figuring out.
For example: You can add cousin Addy's phone call which discribes her inviting herself over for a visit, putting poor easygoing Muerial in a no win situation when she finds it hard to say No! (due to the last visit causing kaos in the desert because Addy's husband Virual Jimbo has a negative attitude which draws all kinds of negative things to happen....and the 'tude is catching on to Ustus-Ray. Addy who refuses to take no for an answer gabs on without even hearing Ustus yell in the background like Archy Bunker controlling Edith....No Way visit!! The minute the phone hangs up, a trailer drives a mobile home right next door to Courage's home and they arrive for a very unwelcomed and long visit. Courage sees the trouble brewing but is distracted by Addy's prim and proper stuck up poodle, named Fluffy, who Courage trys to win over during the episodes of trouble. The trouble includes a first forced welcoming party given by Muerial and Ustus-Ray and the two guys start competing in their brags of how great they were as young men!!! Trouble includes: Weather misfortunes, spirit of evil drawn to the houses, negative 'tudes influencing clumbsy accidents, etc. all of which Courage trys to over come. The problems he trys to save Fluffy and Muerial from but fail to, are simply taken care of by Addy like it was just a mosquito biting that she slapped. She and Muerial are so busy gabbing and playing catch up that they don't notice the troubles going on and the fighting between their husbands. Muerial always returns a blessed comment or compliment and Addy who never stops knitting a forever long scarf, stops only to knit a solution with the animation released from her needles, there could be dozens of fun ideas portrayed for Courage as he trys to defend his home and position in Muerials life. Ex. Addy knits a cage when the beast of the desert dust hoovers over too close that the beast steps on her scarf, and a passing Circus train carries the beast off.....Fluffy is utterly unimpressed with Courages attemps to win her and is busy just primping herself....(polishing her nails etc.) Courage could shake, scream, and fight menuvering his way toward fluffy and Muerials deepest heart, while he gets blown by a sand storm, growled into pieces from the beasts bad breath, smashed into the food while attempting to save it from the beast and desert ants come and lift it off of him to their hole in the sand, he can attempt to satisfy Fluffy invarious ways to include utter ridculous jobs like licking each paricle of the sand to build her a sand castle fun park etc.courage is Great and is in most of us....God Bless you Guys with a creative edge.
I do wish to get credit for my ideas and I hope you like this one and contact me for more...Thanks (the name and address sent to me have been removed)
PLEASE let me know what you think of my idea one way or another!!!! BYE FOR NOW........

Hi Greg,
Sorry I'm replying late. I've been really busy lately with work and personal matters.
Anyway, we at Stretch had a good laugh with this letter that you forwarded to me. I posted up on the wall near the elevator so we all can read while wait for an elevator to come up. Of course this story that (name has been removed) claims isn't true. She can't even spell the characters name right. I think she wrote this because she wants her story idea to be heard or participate in Courage.... (?) I don't know... but she amazes me. ;p
So how's everything?
The link to your website is up on ours, and I plan to re-design the Link page so there would be some explantion of what those links are. Also I'm almost done with finishing the Stretch website so there won't be underconstruction pages. Which means all of John's shorts will be streaming and full credits for each films....etc etc...
After all of this is up, then we are moving to interactive Dirdy Birdy shows on our website. So check back with us time to time, we will be checking your website too. :-)

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