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Grouped according to the type of site or page: Listed first are Courage-related sites, after those are other sites or personal pages.Just click on the banner or pic next to the name or description to go there.


Stretch Films Website (John R. Dilworth's company)

John R. Dilworth Page at IMDB (Internet Movie Database)

John R. Dilworth interview from Animation World Magazine

Jody Gray/Gray Noise Online - Official website for the composer of Courage's music!

Cartoon Network homepage

Cartoon Network Courage Page

Current week's schedule of Courage episodes

Cartoon Network Courage the Cowardly Dog Aniluxe Game (requires Shockwave)

Cartoon Network Courage Codebreaker Game (requires Shockwave)

Cartoon Network Courage Creep TV Game (requires Shockwave)

Cartoon Network Courage Snack Attack Game (requires Shockwave)

Australian Cartoon Network Courage Toon DNA Page

Cartoon Network BRAZIL Toonworld Courage Site

Cartoon Network BRAZIL Cartoon Cartoon Courage Site

Chicken from Outer Space IMDB Page (Internet Movie Databse)

Chicken from Outer Space Italian Page (No longer active)

Courage The Cowardly Dog guide at TV Tome

My very own Courage Club! Click to go there and join!

Other Websites

About Children's TV/Movies Allison McAlister's wonderful and invaluable resource site for kids
(Thanks for your great "thumbs up" review of this site, Allison!)

Courage The Cowardly Dog at Cartoon Cartoon Fridays: The Fansite

CWZ: The Courage Web Zone

The Middle of Nowhere: A Site

Courage The Cowardly Dog page at

Courage The Cowardly Dog page of reviews/comments at

Courage The Cowardly Dog review at Pop Matters site

Courage The Cowardly Dog page at

Werekatt's WERECREATURES Werekatt's awesome site has loads of toon-related material!
Thanks to Werekatt for the screen grabs I used of Eustace's transformation in "The Chicken from Outer Space"!

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