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Courage's COWARDLY DOGS Page
This page was last updated on August 07, 2003 12:08 AM

I thought this was a cute idea...Do you have a dog as a pet? Is he or she scared of something in particular?
Send in a picture of your dog, along with your name and what your dog is scared of in particular, and I'll post the picture here.
I started this page off with my own dog.

My chihuahua, Peanut (seen here napping under her blankey), is usually protective and barks at strangers...except when she hears a rainstorm approaching or I get out the vacuum cleaner! She starts shaking because she can hear the thunder before I do, and then she won't leave my side. When I roll out the vacuum cleaner, she sits up and stares at it, then when I turn it on she runs off into the bedroom! (submitted by Greg, this site's webmaster)
A Sad Note:
On May 20, 2003, we had to have our beloved 12 year old Peanut put to sleep.
She had become very ill with severe diabetes, and sending her to doggie heaven was the best thing for her.
She was very much loved, and will be missed. Since then, we have gotten another adorable little chihuahua
who is a little doll....I'll post a picture of her sometime soon, along with what scares her.

Some info about my dog: name=Laurie, nickname="la pétoche"(see a dictionary for the meaning)
she fears: -turtles-broomsticks and vacuum cleaner-boxes that make cow noise when you turn it upside down
-me when I make strange noises with my mouth or when I put something on my head-storms
(submitted by Jean-Baptiste Dessogne)

My dog Cokey is sooooo brave. he barks at me when I get my aunt..or when I pet my cat instead of him..
but when I whip out a Luchadore mask..THEN he runs away, yelping!
my hero....
(submitted by Luis G. Leal)

This is my sheepdog Flash. He is afraid of my pet cat Heidi! (submitted by Gareth Barsby)

Name: Spike "Evil"
What he's afraid of: Tissues. Flyswatters. Vacuum Cleaners. Barking.
He's such a wuss...I think he's afraid of everything!
(submitted by trilliondollarprincess)

This is a picture of my dog Funky. She is scared of just about everything.
People, dogs, umbrellas opening, champagne poppers, and especially thunder
she shakes like there's no tomorrow when there's a thunderstorm.
(submitted by Amelia)

Here is my puppy Tito, basically, he is another courage.
He is scared of every thing! He got beat up by cat, that is sad. LOL! But I love him.
(submitted by Veronica)

Here is a picture of my dog Rufus. He very much like Courage.
He's scared of everything. He'll bark at strangers when with my
girlfriend but never does that for me.
I think he feels I'm Eustace and she's Muriel.
(submitted by "shizumadrive")

Thought I'd send a pic of the only thing my cowardly dog Goliath
ISN'T afraid of...the bath, oddly enough!
(submitted by "DMLindberg")

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