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Exclusive interview with writer Lory Lazarus!
This page was last updated on April 18, 2012 11:17 PM

Courage (The Cowardly Dog)
I don't think the stuff I have to say is very interesting, but if you think it is important for "Courage" fans to know about, here it is:

I was going bonkers working in a restaurant, and was looking for TV writing work. I sent out a mass email to all my showbiz friends, letting them know I was searching for work. One of my friends, David Steven Cohen, actually got back to me and said he would try to get me an interview with John Dilworth. A couple weeks later I heard from Stretch Films, and they said that I was coming in to meet the creator of "Courage." I was insanely excited. For my interview all I had to do was talk to John and share some crazy ideas for scripts that he might possibly like. I had one idea about ten million frogs invading the farm house because they ran out of water. John seemed to like that one. Then he said to be at the writer's brainstorm session the following week. At that session I got to meet some other writers, and a one paragraph description of what was to become "Scuba Scuba Doo" was handed out to all of us. We all fleshed-out the story, and I was having SO MUCH FUN. Then David Steven Cohen said he would assist me in formatting/creating the script (as I had only written for the stage and only done sketch comedy for TV previously). David was fantastic. As the head writer he edited brilliantly, and came up with wonderful ideas. That guy is a creative genius (besides being a great person), and it was an honor working with him. He even helped me pick out my first ever laptop, so I could bring a computer with me wherever I needed it. So anyway, I ended up writing "Scuba Scuba Doo," and I was in as a writer for "Courage." To celebrate my new-found employment my wife and I took David and his wife out to dinner at a New York restaurant. I was very happy and very blessed. Of course I only ended up writing five scripts for the show, but it was some of the most fun/creative times of my life. Here is a breakdown:

"Scuba Scuba Doo" -- initial idea by John Dilworth, story by all the writers, final script by me.
"Feast Of The Bullfrogs" -- my initial idea, story by all the writers, final script by me.
"Dome Of Doom" -- initial idea by John Dilworth and me in a phone brainstorm session, story by all the writers, script by me.
"Housecalls" -- initial idea by David Steven Cohen and me, story by all the writers, final script by me.
"Goat Pain" -- initial idea by John Dilworth, story by all the writers, final script by me.

That's it. I hope that is helpful/interesting. By the way, David Steven Cohen and I will be collaborating on a new animated superhero show I created called, "Bodyman" in the very near future. It is going to be produced by former "Courage" producer, Winnie Chaffee. I'll let you know if we ever find a distributor/network

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