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The Cast of Regulars
This page was last updated on January 09, 2003 03:14 PM

Courage (The Cowardly Dog)
Voiced by Marty Grabstein: Read more about Marty at The Internet Movie Database

Eustace Bagge (The Farmer)
Originally Voiced by Lionel G. Wilson: Read more about Lionel at The Internet Movie Database
Currently Voiced by Arthur Anderson

Muriel Bagge (His Wife)
Voiced by Thea White

The Nowhere Newsman (A TV Reporter)

Courage's Computer

Dr. Vindaloo, M.D., Quack
(Muriel and Eustace's doctor...a physician of questionable techniques!)

The Punk Kid (seen in several episodes)

"Ma" (Eustace's mother.....seen in several episodes)
Voiced by the late, great Billie Lou Watt

The Old Man (also seen in several episodes)

The Nowhere Policeman (also seen in several episodes)

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